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Originally from New Zealand, Anna is a technically trained dancer and dance teacher and was a professional performer (jazz/cabaret/burlesque) before becoming qualified as a Pilates instructor here in Melbourne. Following a dance-related injury more than 15 years ago, Anna commenced her Pilates journey, and Pilates quickly became a staple in her weekly routine.


Anna is a strong advocate of the Pilates Method and its benefits - not only in relation to injury prevention, strength and performance enhancement for elite athletes and dancers, but also to improve the safety and efficiency of functional movement, improve posture and enhance general wellbeing for all bodies in everyday life.

Anna's expertise and passion for movement is evident in all her classes as she aims to educate as well as inspire through her teaching. Her classes are creative but also functional, promising to challenge lower and upper body strength, stability, balance, coordination and stamina. She is also a music lover which is evident in all her playlists! Most of all she wants you to have fun in her classes. Be prepared to sweat and to laugh! She can't wait to train with you. 



Coming from a sports and dance background , Melissa became passionate about injury prevention and management/functional fitness after an injury sustained at the end of her dance degree in 2015. Melissa loves helping people reach their goals and thrives off pushing people to achieve more than they think they can, and has a strong focus on educating clients on how training is crucial to stress management and maintained energy levels. Melissa is also our very own competitive boxer and recently won her first ever fight taking out the Super Flyweight Title at Fight Night 4 in 2019 !  Melissa is part of our Functional Fitness Team and you can be sure her HIIT, CORE and Kettle Physique classes will challenge you and create serious results!


Alex has been dancing for as long as she can remember, and because of that, movement has always been a part of her life. Originally from Adelaide, Alex grew up training to be a ballerina, and was dancing professionally by the age of 15. She later developed a passion for Music Theatre which led to a successful audition for the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA), where she graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree at the end of 2018.

She was first introduced to pilates at around age 9 - doing mat Pilates classes alongside her ballet training - and her love for it only grew. Whilst she studied full time at WAAPA, she relied heavily on both pilates and barre classes, to strengthen and stretch her body, prevent injury, and create a lean physique. She knew she wanted to share her passion with others and quickly became qualified to instruct. 

As a newcomer to Melbourne, Alexa is excited to be part of the Chapel Street Physique Barre & Pilates Team and can’t wait to meet you in the studio!


Matt is a Level 1 Australian Boxing Coach and loves motivating and encouraging clients to get fitter, stronger and meaner through learning correct boxing technique! Boxing is an awesome form of fitness which not only improves your fitness but also increases your self confidence, body awareness, coordination and quick-twitch motor skills. Even if you've never boxed before Matt can show you the basics and get you boxing with confidence before you know it!


Originally from New Zealand, Matt is also an avid motorsports fan and competes in car and cart racing, and is a general lover of all things sports. You may also spot him holding down the fort on the Chapel Street Physique reception desk from time-to-time!


Caitlin is a professional dancer, choreographer and teacher who is trained in both contemporary dance and ballet. She has performed locally for numerous choreographers, including at Melbourne Festival, Arts House and Dancehouse. Her own choreographic work has been presented at several venues in both Melbourne and Sweden. 


A certified Barre instructor with a Bachelor of Arts (Dance), Caitlin has studied at West Australian Academy of Performing Arts, Deakin University, Stockholm University of the Arts and Aleenta Barre. She is also currently studying towards a Certificate IV in Pilates.


Additionally to her dance education, she has long practiced yoga, pilates and somatics- elements of which she integrates into her Barre teaching.


Caitlin’s classes are challenging yet mindful, encouraging you to work hard and move consciously. Passionate about sharing her knowledge on movement and the human body, she integrates technical and anatomical information into her exercises- wanting students to leave having learnt something new, as well as feeling enlivened from their work out. Caitlin loves building ongoing relationships with students and supporting people as they deepen their relationship with their body.

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