We want you to feel confident and comfortable coming in to workout with us. In addition to our COVIDSafe Plan, here are our Studio Procedures and Precautions which are now in place to keep you safe. 

We respectfully ask that you comply with all of our requirements every time you come into Chapel Street Physique. 

These procedures and precautions remain in place until we advise you further.




 Reduced class sizes and staggered class start-times for social distancing



Individually configured, social-distanced workout stations in both the Grit and Grace Studios



All common areas of the studio reconfigured for social distancing



Stringent cleaning of equipment and all common areas by our staff who have all undertaken Australian Government COVID infection control training



All equipment sanitised before and after your individual use



All common areas of the studio cleaned twice daily



Hand sanitising stations and anti-bacterial wipes available throughout the studio for your use



Temperature checks on arrival and contact tracing of each and every participant or visitor to our studio



Keeping our distance at 1.5m from you and others at all times



Mask wearing of staff and clients enforced where required under DHHS Guidelines


COVIDSAFE Marshall in attendance




STAY HOME if you are sick or suspect you may be unwell for any reason (we reserve the right to ask you to leave if we reasonably consider that you are unwell)


STAY HOME if you have been advised to self-isolate for any reason


WASH YOUR HANDS thoroughly for at least 20 seconds and use hand sanitiser; cough or sneeze into your elbow 


WEAR a mask in the studio in accordance with DHHS guidelines


REPORT to Reception immediately on arrival to the studio and sanitise your hands


KEEP 1.5m APART from others at all times (including staff)


RESPECT our social distancing requirements and class spacing allocations


AVOID using the change room unless absolutely necessary, and only enter the change room if there are less than 3 people inside


AVOID standing in the hallway (even if waiting for the toilets) please wait around the corner in Reception


BRING SOCKS for all Barre and Pilates classes (no bare feet) and a Mat if you prefer


BRING a TOWEL for every class (we also have some clean ones you can borrow)


BRING WATER in your own bottle (or purchase bottled water from us via contactless payment). The water filter is not in use


CANCEL your booking early if you can't make your class - please respect our restricted class sizes and waitlists!


BE ON TIME - but please don’t be more than 10 minutes early due to our restricted capacity


ENJOY WORKING OUT WITH US! We’re so happy to have you in the studio!

Last updated: November 2020